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Glenwood is located in the Shaughnessy neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 


Glenwood  offers programs for male high school and university students as well as young professionals that help them become competent, generous, and responsible individuals committed to the common good of society. Personal excellence, good work and study habits, and professional ambition are encouraged in the context of a spirit of service, dedication to the family, openness to those in need, and love of personal freedom and responsibility. The message of Saint Josemaría Escrivá inspires those who make Glenwood a reality. He founded Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church to which the activities of spiritual formation at Glenwood are entrusted.

To learn more about Opus Dei, click here.



Our work


Glenwood offers, on either a weekly or monthly basis, programs for men in high school and university as well as for young professionals. For more information, please write to us at


Big Picture Seminar (July 4 - 9 or July 11 - 16)


The BPS 2022 Summer Edition is designed to help young men entering Grade 9 this Fall develop a clear vision of their future, starting now. Through activities, advice and sound direction, students get to see their high school years as an opportunity to develop the personal qualities that lead to happiness and success in life
The program touches on subjects such as studies, extra-curricular activities, career and university planning, character formation, and leadership.


Click here to apply to either Big Picture Seminar



Techniques and Technology Seminar (July 18 - 23)

TNT 2022 will pack lots of great stuff in a week for young men entering Grades 10-12 this Fall. Expect some Study Techniques (intro to Optimal Work); computer coding; career planning (guest speakers will tell us about their careers and answer your questions); current topics; we will do sports and go on an excursion.


Click here to apply to TNT.


Sunshine Coast Environmental Stewardship Service Project (July 25 - 30)

Participants (young men entering Grades 10-12 this Fall) work with staff and volunteers of the Ruby Lake Lagoon society to enhance and preserve the natural habitat and wildlife of the sunshine coast region. The work involves removal of invasive species on land and water, trail clearing and maintenance, setting up composter bin units, installing habitats for birds and other wildlife on the coast, and much more. The project also includes excursions to the coastal lakes and islands, as well as sessions on ecological stewardship and responsibility.

Click here to apply to the Sunshine Service Project. Space is limited. Applicants who have recently completed a TNT Seminar (see above) will be given priority.



Manitoba Service Project (August 12 - 20)

Participants in this  project will volunteer with a local Catholic parish. The project involves helping out at the Catholic parish in Berens River, Manitoba, located on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. Participants (young men entering Grades 11-12 this Fall) will help with repairs and construction work around the parish buildings, as well as tutoring local children in English, mathematics, and catechism.


Click here to apply to the Manitoba Service Project.

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